Happy New Year // Welcome 2017


2016 was a year to remember. There is no denying that. But for me, so many wonderful things happened, for which I am so grateful for!

One of my proudest achievements to date is graduating from university, even with the health struggles I endured. Although life after university isn't like how I had planned, I've been working on so many other dreams and ambitions that I want to achieve. It's incredible to reflect on just how much I've taught myself in just a few months. 2017 is going to be the year it all comes together. Just you wait and see! 

Along with my own personal goals, I also have health related goals for 2017. I want to be at a point where I can start gently exercising again and I want to be able to work a simple 5-6 hour shift without ending up bed bound/housebound recovering over the next two days, just to repeat it over again. This is something beyond my control really, but I'm going to focus on completely resting and relaxing when my body needs it, to get out of the "boom & bust" cycle I seem to be stuck in.

If you guys have any goals or resolutions for 2017, comment them down below! 
I'd love to hear them!

Sending peace and love for the New Year!
May your eyes be opened to discover truth, love and happiness...

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