Spoonie Essentials


Being a spoonie is hard (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit this post).  With M.E, I have good days where I try not to do too much (as I will have to pay for it over the next few days) and I have bad days where I can barely do anything at all. On the bad days, I won't be leaving my bed much so I've compiled a list of my top ten essentials to keep me half sane on these days.

1. Ibuprofen (tablets / gel)
Ibuprofen has become my saving grace these past few months. It doesn't take all the pain away but it certainly makes it more manageable so that I can actually rest or sleep. If I'm feeling nauseous, I'll have gel rather than tablets as ibuprofen can sometimes make my nausea worse. I've recently started taking the occasional Nurofen Plus on the days where I am in a lot of pain and regular ibuprofen won't cut it. It's a combination of ibuprofen and codeine so you can only get them over the counter at the pharmacy. Please make sure you don't take oral ibuprofen at the same time as using the gel, and always read the packaging. 

2. Heat pads (or heatable plush)
When I can't take any tablets if I feel sick, or I can't take any more tablets, I always microwave my heatable plush duck Bill. The heat helps to relax muscles and because he smells like lavender he helps me chill out a bit. You can get microwavable lavender wheat bags that are similar, but just not as cute. The stick on heat pads you can buy are good if you ache but still need to move around but they aren't reusable and are quite expensive. 

3. Blankets 
I LOVE BLANKETS! My body is really rubbish at controlling it's temperature so blankets are useful in the summer and the winter. Too hot for a duvet? Use a blanket! Duvet too cold? Add a blanket! I love really soft fleecy ones the best but I actually use cheap IKEA ones as they are easy to wash or replace.

4. Medisafe App
This app is super useful and helps me keep track of which tablets I've taken and when. My memory has gotten pretty poor and brain fog makes it difficult to think about basic things. The app gives you a little reminder when it's time to take your next dose. It also has a feature which warns you if you are running low on medication and need to get more. It's free too! 

5. Diary/notebook
Okay so I'm obsessed with notebooks. I have a few different ones for different things but the best thing I have ever done is put a notebook by my bed so at night when my mind is buzzing, I can write down all my thoughts - empty my mind as it were. It helps me to feel more relaxed when going to sleep as I know I won't forget it if I write it down. I also have a diary to help keep track of doctors appointments and plan my week.

6. Extra long phone charger
Unless you are super lucky and have an outlet next to your bed, you are going to want an extra long phone charger. Having a phone nearby is important for emergency purposes and for contacting help but smart phones also serve as some sort of entertainment so you are going to want to keep it charged.

7. Face wipes (cleanser and cotton pads)
When I've had a really long day, the likelihood of me being able to take my makeup off properly at the end of the day is pretty slim. Face wipes or face cleanser nearby helps to stop mascara smudges getting on my pillow cases. It also helps keep my face a little less spotty. I use Superdrug's Cleansing Facial Wipes for sensitive skin as they are cruelty free and vegan! 

8. Lavender oil
When I need to sleep, sometimes I just can't switch off. Sleep reversal (sleeping in the day and being awake at night) is pretty common in M.E sufferers, and this is something I want to avoid as much as possible. Lavender oil just gently calms the mind allowing sleep to happen naturally. I know some people don't like the smell of lavender, but a lot of the cheaper oils don't actually smell that nice. Invest in a good quality oil as it will last longer and smell so much better!

9. Cosy PJ's
I'm at the stage now where I own more PJ's than normal clothes! I even have 3 onesies - and still have my eye out for more. My rest days usually mean I get out of my night PJ's and get into my clean daytime PJ's! Staying cosy can definitely help keep you more comfortable and happier so its worth having a few sets so that you never run out! My favourites are my fleecy Bambi ones, my long sleeve Adventure Time ones and my short sleeve Adventure Time ones. All from Primark so reasonably priced! 

10. Laptop, tablet or Kindle 
My laptop is my best friend! I honestly think I would be so lost without it. It allows me to blog, watch Netflix or YouTube and interact with the world all from my bed! I'm very lucky to have a MacBook Air that has a really long battery life, weighs very little and doesn't overheat. That being said, I really struggle to look at the screen for longer than half an hour at a time so I have to break up my time into manageable chunks. I also have an app called F.lux installed which adapts the colour of the display depending on the time of day.  It helps my eyes from feeling sore and stops me from feeling wide awake when it's time to sleep. It's free to download too! I don't have a tablet but I borrow my boyfriend's Kindle. They are much smaller and lighter than a laptop - but just much easier to lose in bed haha! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What things do you consider essential in your life? Spoonie or not, I want to know!

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