What is a Spoonie? // The Spoon Theory Explained


The term "spoonie" can refer to any individual who suffers from a chronic illness (such as M.E or Fibromyalgia) that identifies with The Spoon Theory. Christine Miserandino came up with the theory after her friend asked her what it felt like to have Lupus.

The spoon theory is a metaphor used to explain how energy levels can be affected in people with chronic illnesses. The idea is that most healthy people have unlimited spoons of energy that can be spent however they wish. Those with chronic illnesses have much less energy and so have a limited number of spoons available for the day. Each daily activity will use up a certain number of spoons. The more demanding the activity, the more energy it requires, therefore more spoons are used up.  

When you are out of spoons they can be taken from the next day. However this means tomorrow you will have less spoons available than you normally would. You begin to learn how to spend your spoons wisely and learn how to prioritise activities and plan your days. 
The number of spoons a person has day to day or even from morning to night can vary. For example if a person is having a flare of symptoms, or they forget medication, their spoons can be "dropped" and that energy is lost.

The picture below demonstrates just how difficult it can be to get through a day and not take any spoons of energy from tomorrow's reserve.

From notaloneillness.wordpress.com

Fun game! I'll give you 20 spoons - I know, so generous! Try to go about your day using the spoon guide above and see what activities you might have to give up, or do on another day. Comment your day if you want!

Read more about Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory here.

I really hope this helps anyone new to the Spoon Theory and feel free to share this post to anyone you feel may benefit from this information!

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