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I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit the Lush Spa in Poole a few months ago and this is a little review of my time.

I've been shopping at Lush for years now, with my first purchase being back in 2008 where I excitedly bought the citrusy green Avobath Bomb (ironically from the store in Bath). I was pretty much hooked from then, but unfortunately being a young teenager with little money and living nowhere near a store, it wasn't until a few years ago that my Lush addiction really kicked in. I didn't even realise that Lush did spa treatments until I temporarily moved to Poole at the beginning of 2015 for a clinical placement as part of my degree.  During a regular trip to the famous store on the High Street, I picked up a postcard and a spa treatment menu and began dreaming of the day I could afford a treatment! As a student, I had more important things to spend my money on, but I made it one of my goals to eventually go.

Fast forward a year and a bit later to March 2016. For my 21st birthday, I was so very kindly given a Lush voucher to put towards a spa treatment. I knew that I was going back to Poole for a few weeks in June so I made a plan to have my spa treatment in the place where it all began at 29 High Street, Poole.

I loved the idea of all of the treatments really, but The Good Hour really stood out to me. It's a full body deep tissue massage treatment using trigger point techniques and jelly discs.

Once I had chosen The Good Hour as my treatment, I went into my local store in Bristol to transfer the Lush voucher into a treatment voucher. Then I had to ring up the store in Poole to book my appointment. This was so easy to do and it probably helped that I was booking a few months in advance. As someone who feels anxious on the phone, the lady I spoke to put me at ease straight away and she literally brightened up my day. I explained that it was my 21st birthday present and that it would also be an 'end of university' treat too. Once I was all booked in, I frantically marked it on all of my calendars and so began the waiting game.

On the day, I actually felt pretty nervous. When I arrived I was taken through the door in the shop and had a 15 minute consultation in a cosy English Kitchen style room, where I met my spa therapist Amelia. She made me feel comfortable enough for my nerves to turn into excitement! She discussed the treatment and helped me to decide which massage bar she would use on me. I went for Hottie, as it was made specifically for The Good Hour treatment, and it smells amazing! The jelly discs they use are very similar to the Needles and Pines Shower Jelly which I've never used before, but I got to play around them before they were used on me so it didn't come as a shock during my massage. Once all the formalities were over with, my session began...

To start my treatment, I placed the Big Blue bath bomb into a jug of water and walked into the treatment room which had a sea-ship themed vibe to it, even down to the sound of seabirds and creaking wood! The jug of bath bomb water was then poured over some dry ice to create the room atmosphere. The room filled with fragrant smoke and I was left to get undressed (down to just my underwear - eek!) and jump underneath cosy heated towels on the massage table. There was a little bell to ring to let your therapist know that you were changed and ready, which TOTALLY took the awkwardness out of it. The treatment began and The Good Hour soundtrack 'From Source to Sea' started playing. This soundtrack fuses folk music with sea shanties, which the therapist 'heaves and hauls' along to the tempo.

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As for the massage, it was incredible. I felt warm and tingly without feeling too hot, oily or sticky. All the tension and knots were worked out of me, albeit some a little more painfully that others. I did feel a little awkward when I had to turn over onto my stomach, but Amelia kindly held the towel so that I was still covered up. The jelly discs used were kept on ice and I was warned beforehand that it may be a little bit of a shock in comparison to the warm massage, but honestly I didn't even feel the coldness, I was that relaxed! My 70 minutes went surprisingly quickly and before I knew it, Amelia let me know that my time was up. She quietly left the room so that I could get up and dressed in my own time. I felt a little bit like jelly afterwards but totally renewed.

I was greeted with a cup of black tea and biscuits after my massage. I could add a few drops of rum into my tea if I wanted to, which I did. It was actually really refreshing! I also had a glass of water flavoured with lime and mint as Amelia told me to drink lots of fluids over the next few days to help flush out any toxins. The cute notebook was full of little thank you messages from other happy customers to which I added my own little paragraph.

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I was given my own (unused) Hottie massage bar and as an extra gift for finishing university, I was also given a Big Blue bath bomb that I used to recreate my spa treat!

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I think my favourite thing about Lush is their attention to detail. Nothing was missed. Everything tied in and was orchestrated so perfectly! You instantly feel relaxed in the spa as the decor is soothing yet magical. Even the bathroom was kitted out with a large shower and filled with Lush products that were free to use! I literally had bathroom envy!

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Everyone was so friendly, kind and helpful. They made sure that I had the best time possible.
I honestly would recommend a Lush Spa treatment to anyone and everyone if you have the opportunity to go. I definitely can't wait to have the chance to go again!

Biggest thanks to my spa therapist Amelia and all the Lush staff in Poole!

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