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GalaxyRox Jewellery is a small UK based jewellery company that sells alternative crystal and gemstone jewellery.

A few weeks ago I was approached by Rox, the founder and owner of GalaxyRox Jewellery, and asked whether I would like to receive a couple of items. Obviously, I gratefully accepted the offer. I already own a few pieces of jewellery from GalaxyRox, but I couldn't pass up the offer of owning more beautiful sparkles!

After much deliberation, I finally decided on the One of a Kind Heart Detail Lab Opal Ring * and the Large Amethyst Crescent Moon Cluster Pendant *.

I placed my order, Rox put the items in the post, I blinked, and they arrived. Seriously, they landed on my doorstep so quickly!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cute packaging?!

Inside the metallic purple bubblewrap envelope, were these adorable little parcels! Each piece of jewellery came in a pink resealable bag that was wrapped in extra bubble wrap, tissue paper, then topped with these tiny stickers.


My camera couldn't quite pick up on just how shiny and sparkly they are in real life, especially when the sun is out!

I chose the amethyst pendant as I loved the crescent moon shape. For me, it is definitely a statement piece as usually, the only necklaces I wear are either chokers or much smaller pendants. But because it's so beautiful, I think it might just have become one of my regular pieces. If you have an interest in crystal properties, amethyst is known for its abilities to calm the mind and enhance creativity. Hopefully I can benefit from these healing properties!

The opal ring is just as stunning! I really loved the ornate metalwork around the opal and it really looks quite unique to anything else I've seen recently. I got it in the size Q 1/2 so that it would fit comfortably on either my first or middle finger. I can wear it on my ring finger too, but I would wear a simple silver band on top to stop it from sliding around. The opal is a milky white colour but displays a myriad of iridescent colours when it refracts the light.

From experience, I know that GalaxyRox Jewellery is always of the highest quality. I own the Midnight Oval Onxy Ring and I've worn it day in, day out since I bought it over a year ago, and it still looks brand new, with barely any signs of wear. You should always handle and treat jewellery with care, so Rox includes a little reminder slip with each order with tips to help keep your jewellery looking as shiny as ever.

Thanks again to Rox for giving me this opportunity! She's a total mega babe!

Check out GalaxyRox Jewellery for all your sparkly needs!

(Offer valid for a limited time only)

* I was given the jewellery as a gift to help promote the company 'GalaxyRox Jewellery'. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 

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  1. What a wonderful jewellery! It looks so magical (・ω・)

    ♡ * Freeman Face Masks * ♡

    1. I've only just noticed this comment! Aww yes so magical and celestial!! <3 <3